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SCHLEICH Horse Club Tack Room Extension Toy Playset, 7 to 12 Years, Multi-colour (42591)

SCHLEICH Horse Club Tack Room Extension Toy Playset, 7 to 12 Years, Multi-colour (42591)
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SCHLEICH Horse Club Tack Room Extension Toy Playset, 7 to 12 Years, Multi-colour (42591)
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Ean Code
Packaging Dimensions
400 x 345 x 105 mm

  • AGE: 7 TO 12 YEARS

Manufacturer code: 42591 | Quick Find Code: SCH-42591 | Warranty Details

Horse grooming is more fun than ever with the tack room from Schleich HORSE CLUB! Brushes and curry comb are waiting to be used. There's even a carrot for a special treat afterward. Or do you think your horse might prefer to nibble on the apple?

The tack room from Schleich HORSE CLUB is perfectly equipped: Brushes and currycombs are already waiting so that you can really make your horse's coat shine. It loves a bit of special treatment. The cupboard also has a choice of horse blankets you can put under the saddle. The matching bridle is also hanging on the wall, of course. It's a pretty cosy place to hang out, wouldn't you agree? That's what the dog and cat think, too. They're both really excited and keep each other company during the grooming session. But it's only the horse that gets the apple as a reward!

Discover the world through play with the authentic and detailed playset from Schleich. They look so real, they may just start to run! Schleich products stimulate the imagination and guarantee an educational play experience full of adventure.

- Premium Quality
- Motif: Tack Room Extension
- Schleich Playsets are Modelled in the Finest Detail
- Helps Children Learn While They Play
- Inspire Imaginative and Independent Play for Children
- Modelled with Great Attention to Detail
- Perfect for Educational Play
- Type: Toy Playset
- Category Group: Toys
- Category Sub-Group: Vehicles, Figures and Playsets
- Group Gender: Child
- Gender: Unisex
- Size/Scale: One Size
- Colour: Multi-colour
- Material: Plastic
- Suitable for Children 7 to 12 Years
- Item Dimensions: 400 x 345 x 105 mm
- Item Weight: 1436g

Item Notes
- Part of the Modular Riding Stable Concept: Expand the Set into a Large Play Set!
- You Can Store Everything You Need for Horse and Rider in the Tack Room!
- After Riding Out You Can Relax with Your Friends and Enjoy a Piece of Cake
- Extendable Play Area!
- Fully Moveable Figure!
- Removable Figure, Saddle and Bridle!
- Opens and Closes!
- Fabric Saddle Blankets
- Everything is Ready and Waiting in the Tack Room: Horse Blankets, Bridles, Brushes and Currycombs. Now the Wellness Session for Your Favourite Horse Can Begin!
- Thanks to the Modular Design, the Tack Room Can Be Easily Combined with Other Sets from the Horse Club World
- Part of the Horse Club Theme World

- 1x Criollo Definitivo
- 1x Cat
- 1x Fully Moveable Figure
- 1x armband
- 1x Tackroom
- 1x Wall Bracket
- 1x Saddle Cabinet
- 2x Wall Bracket for Bridle
- 1x Shelf
- 1x Chest of Drawers
- 1x Feed Rake
- 3x Bridle
- 3x Saddle
- 1x Hay
- 1x Oat Sack
- 2x Bench
- 1x Table
- 1x Paddock
- 1x Hay Bale
- 1x Flower Box with Flowers
- 1x Coffee Maker
- 1x Saddle Bracket
- 3x Saddle Blanket
- 1x Stable Halter
- 2x Helmet
- 1x Broom
- 1x Pitchfork
- 1x Curry Comb
- 1x Card Mop
- 2x Plates
- 2x Cup
- 1x Trophy
- 2x Winner's Ribbon
- 1x Bouquet
- 1x Vase
- 2x Carrot
- 2x Green Apples
- 2x Red Apples
- 1x Bucket
- 2x Apple Pie

Fun Fact
The Tack Room isn't Far from the Stables, So it's Nice and Warm in there.

Warning! Contains Small Parts, Choking Hazard. To Be Used Under Direct Adult Supervision. Recommend for Children 7 to 12 Years, Not Suitable for Children Under 3 Years.